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Our Code of Ethics

Terrance D. Martin  "I wholeheartedly and personally stand
behind this
Code of Ethics staking
my reputation and past career on it
Terrance D. Martin
Senior Sergeant Terrance D. Martin, (Retired)
& Founder
Senior Sergeant
28 years in VSP
We will put the interests of clients ahead of our own, and serve you with Honesty, Integrity, Completeness and Knowledge.
The facts of a given case will stand and we will not alter the results to suit a client. Requests to do so will bring the immediate conclusion of our agreement with full payment due for work completed.
We know that we are being hired for independent judgment and objectivity, technical expertise, analytical skill and concentrated attention to the solution of a problem.
We will provide those skills and we will be impartial.
We will guard the confidentiality of client information.  We will not serve two or more competing clients on sensitive problems without obtaining the approval of each client to do so.

We will inform the client of any circumstances that might influence our judgment or objectivity.
Before accepting an assignment, we will confer with the client in sufficient detail to understand the problem and scope of study needed to solve it.
Such preliminary consultations are conducted confidentially, on terms agreed to by the client.
We cannot guarantee results. The facts of the case must stand.
Whenever feasible, we will reach an agreement with the client in advance if the assignment is to be done on a straight fee basis.

(This Code of Ethics has been used by the John Jay Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics as a teaching model.)

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