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Mr. Terrance D. Martin is the Senior Consultant, Founder and President of Acrecona®.  The company was founded in 1988. Mr. Martin retired from the Vermont State Police on January 1, 1994, as a Senior Sergeant, a 30 year respected Veteran of the Law Enforcement Community and Criminal Justice System. Mr. Martin has been doing Accident Reconstruction since 1985.

During this period of time he served full-time for nearly twenty-eight (28) years with the Vermont State Police, two (2) years with the Brattleboro Police Department and two (2) years concurrently with the Windham County Sheriff's Department.  What enhances his qualifications is that he has personally made the Practical Application of motor vehicle collision investigation having personally investigated thousands of collisions, on-scene. He has also investigated and Supervised hundreds of major collision scenes and assisted local, county, and state agencies.

Mr. Martin has worked and lived through out the State of Vermont and is recognized and respected through out by the Vermont Bar Association, Law Enforcement Agencies, Criminal Justice and Court Systems.  He has gone through Full Court Qualification in the Field of Motor Vehicle Collision Reconstruction and strongly prevailed against Daubert Challenges, both in the Civil and Criminal Courts, He has testified in State, County, Superior and Federal Courts and given Expert Testimony in the States of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Mr. Martin has trained and worked with Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the State of Vermont as well as others states. He was distinguished by the past Brattleboro Chief of Police for his assistance with the formalization and training of the Department's first Major Accident Investigation Team (M.A.I.T.).

Mr. Martin continues to stay connected to the Civil and Criminal Justice Systems. He has background in Court Security having work seventeen years within the United States Marshals Service's Federal Court Security Program working his way up from a Court Secuirity Officer to the Lead Court Security Officer.

He has been a Certified Instructor in some capacity by the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council since 1972 up to his retirement and is still Certified as an Instructor in the Field of Accident Investigation.

Some of his accomplishments during his 30 years are as follows:

Certified Instructor in Accident Investigation Consultant Statewide to many Agencies
Certified Instructor ATVs Court Qualified Expert in Reconstruction
Certified Instructor in Community Relations Distinguished Locally for work in Safety
Certified Instructor in Public Relations Distinguished Nationally for work in Safety
Certified Instructor in Defensive Driving Distinguished Statewide for work in Safety
Certified Instructor in D.U.I. Processing Front-line Supervisor
Certified Instructor in Field Note Writing Instructor in A.I.-Wilmington Citizens Academy
Certified Instructor in Firearms Past Chair-SVCEC (WRCC) L.E. Class
Certified Instructor in Report Writing Specialized in Community Relations
Certified Instructor in Patrol Procedures Specialized in Crime Prevention
Certified Instruction Snowmobiles Specialized in Traffic Safety
Certified D.A.R.E. Officer Specialized in Reconstruction of Collisions

Specialized Foundational Collision Training:


Basic A.I. Course (1st Level) Vermont State Police Academy 40 hours
At-Scene A.I. Course (2nd Level) Northwestern University (Traffic Institute) 80 hours
Selective Enforcement
(A.I. Causation)
Northwestern University (Traffic Institute) 40 hours
Technical A.I. Course (3rd Level) Northwestern University (Traffic Institute) 80 hours
Vehicle Dynamics Northwestern University (Traffic Institute) 40 hours
Reconstruction (4th Level) North Florida University (I.P.T.M.) 80 hours
3D Animation ARAS360/FARO 18 hours

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